Why You Should Visit Egypt

Published: 27th August 2010
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Egypt has a wonderful story to itself. It first appears in the bible in the book of exodus as the country where the Israelites really suffered before they were set free to go and settle in Canaan by Moses from King Pharaoh. Egypt is the land of great kings and queens. There are so many mausoleums built in honor of these people and their body remains are still intact. The Egyptians had mastered the art of embalming bodies and preserving history.

Egypt has very many pyramids like the great Pyramid of Khufu that attracts a lot of visitors to the country. Pyramids were used to preserve the remains of kings and queens. They have attracted a lot of researchers who want to know how the Egyptians were able to master this great knowledge. The kings and queens were buried with gold and other expensive jewels like diamonds. Most of these are intact up to date. The pyramids were built a very long time ago.

Egypt has very beautiful deserts. The deserts are a great attraction to those who love riding jeeps and other sports in such terrains. The country is also a giant in African football. The country has won the African Cup for a number of times and they are still holding it up to now. The country has done a lot in the agricultural sector considering that most of the land is occupied by deserts; however River Nile ends in this country before heading to the Mediterranean Sea. The river has a very controversial history.

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