The Kenya National Way of Dressing

Published: 30th June 2010
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Unlike the neighboring counties of Uganda and Rwanda, Kenya does not have a national dress. Efforts to come up with one in 2006 were successful but the people did not embrace it. The people of Kenya have embraced the Kitenge from West Africa as there national dress. This is worn on special occasions such as weddings, family gatherings and outings. There are different outfits for men and women.

On a working day, most Kenyans were very formal outfits. These include three piece suits, skirts and trouser suits for the ladies. Most companies allow the employees to dress casually on Friday and Saturday. Dress codes are also determined by the age of a person. Older folk especially the ladies shy away from trousers and especially jeans. Older women put on comfortable shirt suits and Vitenges. The younger generation thrives on Jeans, T-shirts and Skimpy tops and skirts. Most men do not pay particular attention to how they dress though this is rapidly changing.

Jeans and casual wear are clothes for the weekend and public holidays. One is not taken seriously when dressed in them. Most shy away from casual dressing. Even when attending a church service, most people dress very formerly. In the coast region, the Kanga is very popular. This is a light cotton sheet that is wrapped around the waist by women. It is decorated in many colors and has Swahili proverbs on the edges. This is quickly getting famous in the inland too. Currently, Kangas or Lesos printed with beaming US President Obama's face is very popular.

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