The Famous Five of Kenya

Published: 19th June 2010
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The famous five also known us the big five are the Lion, leopard, buffalo, the elephant and the buffalo. They live in the savanna grassland of Kenya. The Lion also known as the King of the Jungle is the most famous. It lives in a pride of up to 3 males and around fifteen females and their cubs. They are carnivorous and the females do all the hunting then share the catch with the rest of the family. You will find these great cats in the Masaai Mara, Tsavo, Aberdare and Amboseli national parks.

The Leopard and the rhinoceros are solitary animals. The leopard can hardly be seen during the day. If you are lucky to see it, it must be patched on a tree branch or hidden in some rocks waiting for the dark when it hunts. The leopard only socializes with other leopards during the mating season. The rhinoceros male is more solitary than the female and it grazes alone. The most common one in Kenya is the black rhino.

The buffaloes and the elephants are grazers. They are very social animals and live in herds of a few hundreds. They take care of there young as a community. In case a mother elephant dies and leaves behind a suckling young, the calf is suckled by the other females in turn. Buffaloes are very agile animals and are known for there temper. They can tear a person into pieces in seconds. It is always good to keep away. Lions hunt buffaloes but a single lion cannot bring down a mature buffalo on its own. They work as a team.

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