Some Negative Aspects about Wildlife Tourism

Published: 06th September 2010
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Tourism is the depicted as the best contributor of foreign exchange in many countries. This is in fact a multi-billion industry that offers the best in tour and safari packages. The name wildlife tourism means watching animal in the best natural habitat. It encompasses many countries such as Africa, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Canada, India, South American Countries and others. However the industry has experienced some bits of negativity mainly due to what is seen as interfering with the animalís nature.

Tourism have sometimes been criticized by conservationists who have said major developments like hotels, villas, lodges and other tourism amenities have really disturbed the animals life. They have argued that encroaching too much on the animalís habitat is disturbing the feeding and nesting sites. Some have noted that viewing can scare away animals or make them very aggressive. This is because some tourism activities occur during sensitive time of the wildlife cycle like during breeding where some animals have to settle at one place until the season is over.

Tourism should be made friendly to all including the wild animals that have a right to settle every where in the wild. Great measures should be looked into to ensure the wildlife habitats are not encroached in way that the animalsí cycle will be interfered with. One important aspect is to prevent mushrooming of lodges and hotels everywhere in the parks. Also driving into the parks should be controlled to prevent scaring animals and should be done only during the allocated times. When this is taken care of there will be a lot of wildlife to see in future.

Dickson is the Chief Tour Guide and one of the Directors of Adventure Africa Expedition, he has traveled in many countries in Africa where he built the spirit of adventure and discovered nature hidden wonders in especially tailored walking trails like in Kisoro in Rwanda and Bwindi in Uganda both for Gorilla tracking. For more information on his work please visit

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