Get to Know Some Kenya National Customs

Published: 09th July 2010
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Customs are an important part of the Kenyan culture. We shall look at some of the customs almost practiced by all of the forty tribes in the country. The first one is paying bride price. This happens when someone wants to marry a woman. He will take some of his friends and relatives to the girl's home where they will negotiate on what they will pay the girl's family before they are allowed to take her away. The future husband does not participate in these discussions. Only his friends and older relatives do.

The man being the head of the house, special treatment and reverence is accorded him. The man eats the food he wants and sometimes, it must be prepared as he waits. If a meal was prepared a few minutes before he arrives, he might refuse to take it and demand that a fresh one be prepared for him. If he does not like what has been prepared, he can also demand for something else to be coked for him. A wife and a mother do not eat before the husband and children have eaten and are satisfied.

A visitor according to Kenya customs must be welcomed and offered special food whether he was expected or not. People do not go visiting empty handed. Gifts must be exchanged when you go to somebody's house. The same bag you have used to bring a gift, you will go back home with it carrying a gift you were given by your host. In Kenya, homosexuality is a big No especially in the inland Kenya. Even the topic cannot be discussed in public. Most people find it odd discussing sexual matters especially with close relatives and children.

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