Famous Landmarks in Kenya

Published: 16th June 2010
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Kenya is a very beautiful country. From the climate, vegetation, wildlife and deep cultural roots, you will not get bored when you visit this country. Kenya is located on the eastern part of Africa. It is bordered the Indian Ocean on the south east making its coastland a hub of tourist activity. Famous Landmarks include the Kenyan coastland. This is found in Mombasa and part of Malindi. The Indian Ocean offers a great place for tourists to relax, enjoy the ocean breeze and deep Swahili culture in the region. Great Swahili dishes can be enjoyed in the hotels around the ocean. The friendliest most sociable people in Kenya live on the Mombasa Island. Therefore as a visitor, you will not feel out of place or lonely.

Another famous Landmark is the Great Rift Valley. This has borne salty and fresh water lakes which are the habitation of many wildlife species. The famous flamingoes can be found on lake Nakuru while the forests around make home to buffaloes, lions, elephants and other members of the big five community. Game parks and game reserves are good grounds for those who are fascinated by nature. You will find very good hotels at reasonable rates where you can watch the game from.

Mount Kenya makes a very beautiful landmark in Kenya. This is found on the eastern part of Kenya. Mountain climbing is a very enjoyable experience in Kenya. Recently the Mara game reserve has become a great landmark as it is home of the world's seven wonder. This is where the wildebeests cross over to either side of Kenya and Tanzania according to the climate changes.

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